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Auditing Services

Providing a Financially Stable Future

Close relationships produce long-term value, which is why we’re committed to getting to know each of our clients to give them the close attention they deserve. 



We perform audits in several industries but specialize in nonprofits, governments, and performing single audits. Audits are the highest level of assurance we can provide your company or organization about whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement. We do this by looking for areas of risk, understanding internal controls, evaluating accounting policies, and performing tests on underlying transactions.


 A review is less in scope than an audit, but useful in helping determine if any material modifications should be made to your financial statements. This is accomplished through inquiry of management about accounting policy and procedures for example. We also apply analytical procedures to your financial data and perform additional inquiries when needed.



Mostly for internal use, compilations are based upon information that is provided by a company’s management.

Financial Statement Preparation

While not an assurance service, if you simply need a set of financial statements prepared (with or without notes to the financial statements) in accordance with an applicable framework (GAAP or other special frameworks like cash), we are able to prepare those from the information you provide to us. These prepared financials are not subject to an audit, review, or compilation, therefore no assurance is provided on the financial statements or notes.

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